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NJDRIVER.COM works with some of the finest and most respected Insurance companies in the nation. All of our carriers are rated by A.M. Best. The following is just a sample of the numerous Insurance companies we are working with for all your insurance needs:

The Companies we keep

Billing: Claims:
AIG 1-866-856-6855 1-888-760-0105
Chubb Insurance Company 1-866-324-8222 1-800-252-4670
Electric Insurance Company 1-866-424-6201 1-800-342-5342
Fidelity Flood 1-800-820-3242 1-800-725-9472
Fitchburg Mutual/Norfolk & Dedham 1-800-688-1825 1-888-338-9737
Foremost Insurance Company 1-800-237-2060 1-800-527-3907
IFA 1-877-432-2277 1-877-432-2277
Mercury Insurance Company 1-800-987-6000 1-800-987-6000
NJ Skylands Insurance Company 1-866-279-7688 1-866-279-7688
Palisades Safety & Insurance Assoc. 1-888-725-9004 1-888-725-9006
Progressive Insurance 1-800-876-5581 1-800-925-2886
Travelers 1-877-872-8651 1-800-252-4633
Zurich North America 1-800-332-6641 1-800-987-3373

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